Prices for Pre-School Program

Morning program (7:15 – 13:00)

2 days per week

6 000 Kč/month

3 days per week

8 000 Kč /month
4 days per week 10 500 Kč /month
5 days per week 11 000 Kč /month
Full-day program (7:15 – 17:00)
2 days per week 8 500 Kč/month
3 days per week 10 500 Kč /month
4 days per week 12 500 Kč /month
5 days per week 14 500 Kč /month
  • Tuition is for one calendar month, and includes all morning activities such as cooking and baking, drama class, ceramics and exercise class. The above prices include VAT. Afternoon activites such as yoga, dance, golf and music are not included.
  • Tuition includes all beverages that are available throughout the day, including water, tea and juice.
  • Tuition does not includes meals. We are committed to providing our students with delicious, well-balanced an high quality meals. The price for meals is 85 Kč for morning and 95 Kč for full-day.
  • Parents are able to take advantage of ‘substitute’ days, in the case that their child is sick or on holiday.